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Soul Reaper

Montreal Internship Fall 2019-Winter 2019


Soul Reaper was a game I had the opportunity to work on as part of an internship in Champlain College's study abroad program. I was in charge of balancing weapons, enemies on each level, bosses, player gear, placing enemies within levels, pathing enemy AI on each level, along with documenting enemy locations that make sense in context of the narrative.

Throughout my time at Power Level Studios I worked with my mentor Danny Forest and learned how to connect levels through environment, narrative, game balancing, and art. I frequently worked with other members of the team to ensure my changes would not only work with the context of the levels but also made sense with the narrative. This project not only taught me how to become a better level designer on face value, but more importantly Soul Reaper taught me on how to become a valuable member of the team through communication and work ethic.

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During the project I was in charge of documentation and balancing the game from many fronts. In Soul Reaper there were over 80 monsters each with their own stats, weapons, gear, and player clothing accessories. I went into an excel spreadsheet and balanced out each variable in these categories to levels 1, 10, 25, 50,100,150, and 200 to compare if any monster or gear was unbalanced.

In addition to my responsibilities to game balancing and documenting design, I was placed in charge of Quality Assurance. I not only ran QA but created the questionnaires then analyzed the data. After analyzing the data, I put all of it into a document for the team to read to communicate the improvement we need according to the session.

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