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Forkdrift is a project I was onboarded to where the whole team worked virtually due to the outbreak in March 2020. I was the lead level designer in charge of creating a multiplayer level that promoted teamwork while offering high replayability. 

As the lead Level Designer I worked a lot with the programming team to understand the physics of our game and the art team to produce a believable harbor environment with the limited resources we had. This aided me in understanding what would be acceptable to incorporate in our game and what pushes the limits as a whole. I took the knowledge and applied it to create a fun and interactive level that includes players using the forks on their Forklift to open garage doors, bridges that open and close, and optional routes that presents choices to players giving them more freedom.

Link to Forkdrift's steam page -


Scorch is a project I was on boarded to my senior year at Champlain College. The entire team worked remotely throughout the development cycle. My role on Scorch was Lead Level Designer.

I had to figure out a way to balance the single player experience with our unique visual aesthetic. Working with the art team I was able to create an environment that not only allowed the player to navigate the world but created interesting visuals to capture the game's old noire tone.

Link to Scorch's Steam Page - 

Mana Punch

Soul Reaper


As an intern at Power Level Studios I was tasked with balancing many of the game's RPG elements. There were numerous stats such as strength, health, elemental effects, etc, alongside with inserting new weapons/armor abilities, and  tweaking enemy placement within certain areas throughout the game.

Link to Soul Reaper's Steam Page - 

Mana Punch was a Capstone Project which the team worked virtually starting in August 2020 and ending in December 2020. I was tasked with creating 5 areas, a hub area, and balancing the game.

My responsibilities as a level designer tasked me with creating 5 unique arenas that taught the player a new skill that matched our elemental fighting styles. However, in the main hub level I focused on creating a believable prison environment that could function as a safe area while being  a gateway to other areas of the game.

Being tasked with balancing the game, I had to balance enemies, the player, spells, and was tasked with creating unique combos that was balanced but entertaining for the player's use.

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